Harry Fuge

Game Programming Graduate harry.fuge@gmail.com

I am a Game Programming student at Academy of Interactive Entertainment(AIE). Looking at going on as clean slate with the knowledge of the basics in C# and C++.


Lair Of The Narcomancer

Lair of the Narcomancer is a high mobility, fast paced first person shooter. The player is equipped with both a Shotgun and the ability to shoot lightning from their Mega Gauntlet, along with a suite of abilities to navigate the environment including a dash, mantle and vault.

Working on the team as a generalist programmer, my role was generally consisting of assiting the desginers with bugfixes, updating level objects, creating pickups, boss grenades and working with the camera to switch on and off the gas effects.

OpenGL Project - SoulSpear

Working in openGL we were tasked with loading up a mesh and render it in window.

Soul of Osiris

First Year Major Project

Soul of Osirism is a escape the tomb game where you are stuck in an egyptian tomb being chased by a demon monster. My role was to work on the interaction scripts as well as assist with setting up the monster's movement around the navmesh and fix bug issues with the monsters blackboard AI.

Physics Engine

Given a basic 3d renderer, we were tasked to create our own physics based engine for collsions,


Programming Languages & Tools
  • Unity
  • Unreal - Minimal experience
  • OpenGL
  • C# & C++ Basics